MapWise for Marketing

Ensure brand integrity with trademarks filings aligned with sales strategy.

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MapWise for Legal

Lawyers talk in the language of the law. MapWise translates legal into business strategy.

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Why It Matters

Protect your brands with trademarks in the rights places.

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Don't wait until your brands are compromised or stolen. Contact Us!
  • Our Vision

We started MapWise because “a picture conveys a thousand words.” Pictures convey complex relationships in a way that’s easy to grasp. Using twenty years of IP practice, we know which pictures matter. So we created interactive visualizations that allow trademark lawyers and brand and marketing specialists to collaborate in building their strategy.

Your Data + Our Visualizations = Brand Insight

I have worked with many database programs, and MapWise contains all of the intuitive features and functions that make it a very user-friendly program for quickly organizing and maintaining all of our trademark information.

Beth Titus